Anniversaries of the Heart

Anniversaries of the Heart by Blackbird Designs.
Picture of completed sampler stitched by
Notes from Blue Hen Hallow by Siobhán

Anniversaries of the Heart  is a series of twelve charts that can be stitched as individual pieces or as a single piece. There is a group on the Fans of Blackbird Designs Facebook group that will be doing this as a SAL. Please feel free to join them.

Anniversaries of the Heart SAL 2015

If the entire collection is stitched on one piece of linen:

Design Size: 387w x 261h
Recommended Fabric: 30ct Creme Brulee by R & R Reproductions
Sampler Size: 25 ¾"  by 17 ½"


The charts should be available through your local needlework shop or online. The link will take you to a picture of the COVER of the chart and not the actual chart. The layout for the entire sampler is included with each of the charts. Leave three stitches between each monthly design.

  1. Snow Garden
  2. Valentine Rose
  3. A Wish for You
  4. Pink Hill Manor - there are three mistakes in Pattern #4 at the top right corner. One "C" symbol is missing, there is an extra "C" symbol, and there is a "C" where there should be a "V".  See Chart
  5. Farm House
  6. Happy Birthday
  7. Swan Lake
  8. Clara Ellen
  9. Moonlight Visitor
  10. Pumpkin Farm
  11. Evergreen Lane
  12. Elizabeth Jane
  13. Bonus patterns are included in #7 and #12.


This is the thread list for Anniversaries of the Heart, stitched as one entire piece. This is a reference for the colors of thread only; some colors may need more than one skein.

Gentle Arts Weeks Dye Works Crescent Colors
Aged Pewter Baked Apple (2) Almost Auburn
Apple Cider Bright Leaf Antique Lace
Burnt Orange Charcoal Avocado
Caramel Corn Cocoa Barn Door
Chamomile Dolphin Calico Kitty
Cherry Bark Lancaster Red Camouflage
Chives Light Khaki Cappuccino
Cider Mill Brown Linen Cinnamon Toast
Cinnamon Pecan Country Lane
Cornhusk Fool's Gold
Endive (2) Ginger Snap
Flax Jakey Brown (2)
Garden Gate Little Brown House
Harvest Basket Magnolia Blossom
Harvest Moon Mulled Berries
Lexington Green Olive Branch
Maple Syrup Onion Skin (2)
Mustard Seed Peanut Brittle (2)
Old Hickory Queen Bee
Old Purple Paint Stepping Stones
Old Red Paint Sunkissed
Parchment Tiny Vine
Picnic Basket Tufted Yellow
Piney Woods Used Brick (2)
Portobella Ye Olde Gold
Pumpkin Patch    
Straw Bonnet    
Tarnished Gold    
Tin Bucket    
Toasted Barley    
Wood Trail    

Color Changes for Snow Garden suggested by Sherri Hubka Berkman.


Design Size: 387w x 261h

Recommended Fabric: 30ct Creme Brulee by R & R Reproductions
Approximate DMC Equivalent: 738/739
plus 4" on each side 34 ½ X 26

If you use a different count fabric, you will need to make adjustments to the fabric size. 

Other fabric suggestions inlcude:

  • Lakeside Linens Pecan Butter which apparently comes in 28ct, 32ct, 36ct, and 40ct - Approximate DMC Equivalent: 738/Variegated
  • 30ct olde town blend

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