Blackbird Designs Chart Inventory

This is an attempt by several people to list as many of the Blackbird Design charts that have been available through the years. Many of them are now out of print and much sought after. You will find them on occasion listed on eBay. Some of them are priced extremely high. If you know of charts not listed here or have additional information on those listed, please contact Pat and share the information. Some of the Quilting Books also contains cross stitch charts. Those are NOT included on this list. Links to the free charts are to the old Blackbird Design website.

Clicking on any column heading will sort the list by that column. Clicking on the chart name will take you to a picture of that particular chart COVER (not the actual chart).  Updated January 31, 2018.

If you have a hard time locating a chart, it probably means it OOP. You may still find it in a LNS or online store but . . . . I have listed charts as OOP if

  1. Alma has confirmed they are OOP
  2. I can no longer find them in online shops and they are no longer listed on the Hoffman's Distributing site.

Chart Corrections

Print the chart as Word Document (updated 6/24/2017)

Design Series Available OOP/
Date Available in the LL
A Fine Collection - January Celebration -  Friendship Gathering - February's Hearts - March Hare - April Blooms - May Basket - June Berries  - July's Celebration - August Melon  - September Gathering  - October's Harvest  - November Offering  - December Wishes x no longer available from distributors but found in several shops April 2017 2002  
A Merry Heart Schoolgirl Sampler Series x   2003  
All in a Row Garden Series #12     2016  
All the Hills Echoed For the Bird series #4     2017  
Apple Orchard Garden Series #2 x   2015  
A Schoolgirl's Work Book - Charts in book   x  may still find in a few shops 2011 Yes
A Simple Wish From the quilt book Garden Club     2010 Yes
A Stitcher's Journey Book   x 2011 Yes
A Tribute to Cross Stitch from the quilt book Women of Charm & Grace     2003 Yes
A Valentine Message no longer available from distributors   x 2005 Yes
A Wish for You AOTH #3 x   2010  
Agnes Platt Strawberry Sampler   x   2012  
All Buttoned quilting the garden
Up Purse
from the quilt book Birds of a Feather - Hooked rug designs that can be used for punchneedle in this one too.     2006  
America     x ? Yes
America the Beautiful     x 2002 Yes
American Star   x still available from distributor as of July 2016   2004  
And Blossom as the Rose Spring Fling Retreat at Hearts Desire in Kansas in April 2017        
And to All a Good Night LF #11   x 2004 Yes
April Showers Stocking Series -  April x   2009  
Autumn LF - 2 of 3 contains bonus chart Pumpkin Blossom Sewing Box   x 2011 Yes
Autumn Bouquet   x   2003  
Autumn Silhouette LF #10   x 2004 Yes
Autumn Song LF #27   x 2007 Yes
Awake the Dawning Day LF #25   x 2007 Yes
Away We Ride   x   2013  
Back to School pillow from the quilt book When the Cold Wind Blows      2008  
Basket of Cherries Garden Series #1     2015  
Basket of Memories Reward of Merit x   2011  
Be Kind and True     x 2006 Yes
Beneath the Sunlit Sky LF #26   x 2007 Yes
Beyond My Heart LF #32   x 2008 Yes
Bird in Hand Reward of Merit x   2010  
Birds of a Feather   x   2006  
Bittersweet Lane Ladies Prim Society -Released in 2015 as Patchwork Pumpkin - Reward of Merit   x 2014 No
Bittersweet Moon     x 2003 Yes
Bittersweet September Ladies Prim Society - Released in 2015 Bittersweet September - Reward of Merit   x 2013 No
Bittersweet September Reward of Merit x   2015  
Blackbird Magical Mystery Tour x   2014  
Blackbird Sampler   x   2002  
Blackbird on Vacation Journal Cover & Sampler from the quilt book Blackbird on Vacation     2000  
Blackbird's Winter Delivery LF #5   x 2003 Yes
Blessings & Kind Wishes LF #31   x 2008 Yes
Blessings Be Thine included in the new Christmas Book - Home for the Holidays   x 2005 No
Bluebird Reward of Merit x   2010  
Bluebird of Happiness LF Abecedarian #5 x   2013  
Bluebird's Message LF #23   x 2007 Yes
Bluebird's Thread Keep Reward of Merit   x 2009 Yes
Bountiful Harvest LF Abecedarian #4 x   2013  
Breath of Spring Reward of Merit x   2011  
Bringing Good Cheer Christmas Sampler series #3     2017  
Bringing Good Wishes BBD chart that featured in a charity folder whose sales helped a center for disabled children, La Lucciola, severely damaged by a violent earthquake    x Will NOT be Reprinted 2012 No
Butterfly Garden Garden series #5        
Buttons and Blooms for the Cure Elegant Stitch Exclusive
Buttons and Blooms Box Kit
  x 2008? No
Buttons & Pins Reward of Merit x   2008  
By the Chimney with Care Stocking Series - January x   2009  
Casting A Spell   x   2011  
Cats on Parade   x   2014  
Christmas Garden included in the new Christmas Book - Home for the Holidays   x 2011 No
Christmas Ornament 2004 2004 JCS Ornament Issue   x 2004  
Cinderella's Slipper free chart from the Nashville Market 2015     2015  
Clara Ellen AOTH #8 x   2010  
Climbing the Trellis Garden Series #7 x   2016  
Country Garden     x 2004 Yes
Coxcomb Bouquet Another charity project included in Pinkeep Story released in pdf format by  Gigi Ries for UNICEF   x 2010 No
Coxcomb Sewing Box and Blackbird Pinkeep Retreat Project at The Attic. Sewing Box chart also appears in Pinkeep Story.   x 2008?  
Cupcake (Wooden Pincushion Base) with Chart wood turned and stained "cupcake" which measures 2.75" across the bottom of the base and stands almost 1.5" tall.  Chart  is included as well as the finishing instructions. x      
Crowning the Tree Stocking Series x      
Darling Buds of May Kit from Spring Fling Retreat at Dyeing to Stitch 2016   x 2016 No
Dear Daughter   x   2013  
Dear Friend Reward of Merit x   2011  
Dear Friend Schoolgirl Sampler Series x   2011  
Down in the Valley Reward of Merit - Nashville Market Release     2015  
Early Morning Read From the quilting book Weekend        
Easter Parade     x 2005 Yes
Eleanor Rigby and Sweet Baby Magical Mystery Tour x   2014  
Elizabeth Jane AOTH #12 x   2011  
Ella Vaughn Adams     x 2002 Yes
Ella's Wedding Day from Ella's Home Place        
Enduring Friendship       2002  
English Garden Limited Edition kit   x   Yes
Evening Shades the Garden LF #3 in Stitching Club series   x 2003 Yes
Evergreen LF #17   x 2005 Yes
Evergreen Lane AOTH #11 x      
Fair Daffodil Hard to Find but it is still available x   2001  
Fairy Garden Garden Series #11 x   2016  
Farm House AOTH #5 x   2010  
Feast of Friendship   x   2012  
Feliz Navidad #2 in Christmas Sampler series - Nashville 2017 x   2017  
Flea Market Souvenir     x 2006 Yes
First Offering Free Chart        
Floral Gift Just CrossStitch 2010 Christmas 2010 - Front Cover and pg 33     2010  
Flowers for You   x as of Jul 2016   2012  
Flowers of the Field Sewing Bag & Pin Cushion x   2010  
Fond Hearts     x    
For My Friend Book 44 pgs - Contains patterns for "Rosemary Shortbread Hearts", "Sweet Heart", "Love One Another", "Tweet Hearts Exemplar #1 and #2", "Be Mine Stocking", "Hearts on a Wire", "True Hearts Tablerunner", "Two Hearts as One", "Hugs and Kisses Tags", "Our Home Sewing Box", "and "Two Hearts Tag." x      
Forget Me Not LF Abecedarian #3 x   2013  
Friendship Sampler and Garden Journal from the quilt book Fresh From the Garden     2000 Yes
From Me to Thee Hard to Find but it is still available x   2002  
Garden Borders LF Abecedarian #12 x   2015  
Garden of Life LF #21   x 2006 Yes
Garland Fair LF #16   x 2005 Yes
Gathering Basket Reward of Merit x   2011  
Gathering Swallows Twitter in the Sky Primitives of the Midwest Class Project     2017  
Give Thanks Sewing Box Series #2 x   2013  
Give Thanks Not the same as above (turkey and flag) x   2003  
Giving Thanks Table Mat Cross Stitch & Needlework 2004 Calendar   x 2004  
Glad Tidings Schoolgirl Sampler Series x   2003  
Glorious June Stocking Series - June x   2009  
Grand Old Flag     x 2005  
Halloween Eve   x      
Halloween Greetings          
Happy Birthday AOTH #6 x   2010  
Happy Birthday   x   2002  
Harvest of Friendship This include two exclusive stocking patterns that were a workshop given at the Silver Needle.   x 2009  
Hats Off to Uncle Sam Project for the BBD Retreat held at Old Mill Stitchery in Liberty MO - Rereleased at Nashville Market 2017 x   2016/2017  
Heart in Bloom  Shepherd's Bush 2010 retreat  piece - Serving Tray - Also appears on page 51 of A Stitcher's Journey   x 2010  
Hedgerow Birds Project Bag LF #40   x 2010 Yes
Home for the Holidays Nashville 2016 release Contents x   2016  
Home of the Brave     x 2002 Yes
Home for Christmas Just CrossStitch Ornament Issue 2005 - pg 32   x 2005  
Honey Bee Garden Series #3 x   2015  
Honeybee Hill   x   2013  
Honeysuckle Manor Book   x 2010 Yes
House on Acorn Hill   x      
How Does the Lily  Grow Garden series #10 x   2016  
I Thee Wed Remember Me #5 x   2008  
In Friendship's Way Nashville Market Release x   2015  
In Full Glory Reward of Merit  included in the Sweet Land of Liberty Patriotic  Book   x 2014 No
It's Berry Time LF #37     2009  
It's Spring Fever Loose Feathers For the Birds series - #1 x   2017  
Joy Just CrossStitch Christmas Ornament Issue 2011 pg 70   x    
Joyeux Noel 'Tis the Season from this book is included in the new Christmas Book - Home for the Holidays   x 2009 No
Justice for All   x      
Keepsake Box & Pinkeep LF #33   x 2008 Yes
Keepsake Box and Pin Cushion from the Shepherd's Bush Retreat   x Will NOT be Reprinted 2009  
Kindred Spirits Country Sampler Soul Sister's Club   x 2017  
Lady Liberty Ladies Prim Society - Rereleased Nashville 2017 x   2015/2017 No
Land of the Free Appeared in the July 2011 CrossStitch and Needlework Magazine.   x 2011 Yes
Le Poulet - A French Pincushion Reward of Merit x      
Leona's Sewing Box   x   2015  
Liberty Eagle Sampler & Pincushion   x      
Liberty House   x   2003  
Liberty Rose Old Mill Stitchery class project - Finished Piece Reprinted in Sweet Land of Liberty x 2015 No
Live Each Season by Maggie Bonanomi   x    
Long May She Wave   x      
Long and Winding Road Magical Mystery Tour series #6 x   2014  
Love Is In the Air Stocking Series  - February   x 2009 Yes
Lydia Mitzel Sampler From the quilt book You're Invited     2007  
Maggie's Needlecase   x      
March of the Daffodils Stocking Series - March x   2009  
Maria Selby Humphrey 1831   x      
Mary Ann Blackburn LF - 1 of 4 x   2012  
Mary E Higdon 1851   x      
Maude Eloise 1891 Remember Me #3   x   Yes
May Basket Reward of Merit x   2013  
May Flowers Stocking Series - May x   2009  
Merry Christmas #1 in Christmas Sampler series x   2012  
Merry December Stocking Series - December x   2009  
Merry Christmas Ella Vaughn Remember Me #4   x 2006 Yes
Midnight Ride Sewing Box Series x   2013  
Midnight Watch According to Alma, this is going to be reprinted. 2/12/2016   x 2009 Yes
Mildred's Bridal Wreath Tomorrow's Heirlooms Retreat Project     2017  
Mildred's Garden House Remember Me #6 x   2008  
Mildred's Sampler Schoolgirl Sampler Series #1 X      
Mildred's Wild Rose Tomorrow's Heirlooms Retreat Project     2017  
Monogram Pincushion from quilt book Garden Club       Yes
Monogram Pillow from quilt book Garden Club       Yes
Moon Garden LF #8   x 2004 Yes
Moonlight Visitor AOTH #9 x   2010  
Moonlit Garden LF #22   x 2006 Yes
Morning Star   x   2011  
Mother's Day LF Abecedarian #10 x      
Mother's Garden   x      
Mother's Honor Due     x 2003  
My Dear Hearts Nashville 2017 x   2017  
My Friend's House LF Abecedarian #8 x   2014  
My Gift to You   x   2005  
My Heart Is Home Tender Heart #2 Nashville 2016   2016  
My Heart is True   x   2009  
My Heart's Design LF Abecedarian #2 x   2013  
My Missouri Home Remember Me #2   x 2006  
My Pink Rose Nashville Market Release x   2015  
My Valentine     X not available July 2016 2005  
New Love Schoolgirl Sampler Series #7 x      
Never Far Apart Stocking Series  - Limited Edition Offered in a little round tin, this is a complete LIMITED EDITION kit of chart, linen, stocking lining fabric and hand-dyed flosses.   x   Yes
Noel Sampler Stocking Ladies Prim Society   x 2014 No
Now I Know My ABC's pdf format. Free Chart     2010  
Nuts and Berries from the quilt book Nuts and Berries     1999 Yes
Octopus's Garden Magical Mystery Tour x   2014  
October Harvest Stocking Series - October x   2009  
October 31st LIMITED EDITION kit offers the chart, linen and flosses, packed in that little round tin.   x 2013  
Patchwork Pinkeep Silver Needle's A Little Help from My Friends Stitching Circle   x 2015 Yes
Patchwork Pumpkin Reward of Merit     2015  
Patriotic July Stocking Series - July x      
Peace Just CrossStitch 2012 Ornament Issue pg 80-81   x 2012  
Peace Just CrossStitch 2009 Ornament issue - page 14   x 2009  
Peace Just CrossStitch 2013 Ornament issue  - pg 12   x 2013  
Peace Rose Reward of Merit x   2014  
Peace on Earth LF #28   x 2009 Yes
Peace on Earth No pix available until someone stitches it. Free Chart from De Handwerk Boetiek  Christmas Catalog     2017  
Peace Sampler from the quilt books Warm Hearts     2001  
Peacock Pinkeep LF #35   x 2008 Yes
Peppermint & Holly Booklet 24 pg book which includes10 Winter Samplers including Holly Manor, Merry Christmas, Noel, Greetings, Holly Bouquet, Dear Mother,  House on Holly Hill, Holly Banner.   x 2004 Yes
Petites Lettres Rouges pdf format. Free Chart     2009  
Pink Hill Manor AOTH #4 x   2010  
Pleasure of the Fleeting Year Loose Feathers For the Birds series - #6     2018  
Pledge of Affection Tender Heart series #1     2016  
Poinsettias Sampler Pillow Sham &  Poinsettias in Starlight Sampler from the quilt book Cozy Nights - both pictured on cover   x 2000 Yes
Prairie Wind from the quilt book Aunt Luci's Bits and Pieces   x 2003 Yes
Pumpkin Blossom Needle Case     x 2003 Yes
Quaker Family Register class project Stitchville USA Spring Fling Retreat       2017
Pumpkin Farm AOTH #10 x   2010  
Quaker Garden LF #19   x 2006 Yes
Quaker medallion strawberry pinkeep Just CrossStitch 2006 Christmas Ornaments Issue - pg 33     2006  
Raise a Glass of Cheer   x   2009  
Raven Bewitched   x      
Remember Me Reward of Merit x      
Rites of Spring LF #30   x 2008 Yes
Rose Garden Reward of Merit x   2010  
Rosehips and Ivy Ladies Prim Society     2017 No
Rosy Morning LF Abecedarian #9 x      
Sailing Home Boy's Birth Sampler x      
Salute to Abigail Ladies Prim Society Included in the Sweet Land of Liberty Patriotic Book released 2016   x 2014 No
Sampler House     x   Yes
Sarah's House LF - 2 of 4 x   2012  
Savoir Faire Free Chart     2003  
Scotland Pincushion Shepherd's Bush Shared Stitches 2016   x 2016 No
Seaside Retreat Taught at Dying to Stitch Retreat  in 2009  available in the book A Stitcher's Journey   x 2009 Yes
Seaside Rose  This was a kit taught in New York retreat project. Limited # were printed.   x  Will NOT be Reprinted 2007  
Secret Garden LF #20   x 2006 Yes
Sewing Bird Pocket Ladies Prim Society - Rereleased Nashville 2017   x 2015/2017 No
Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer's Day Kit from Spring Fling Retreat at Dyeing to Stitch 2016   x 2016  
She Sights a Bird Loose Feathers For the Birds series - #3     2017  
Sing A Song Of Seasons Loose Feathers For the Birds series - #5     2017  
Sister's Book including Peace & Plenty, At First Cock's Crow x      
Small Thread Winder Box kit comes with the complimentary chart, 32ct WDW Linen , Weeks Dye Works Baked Apple floss, 4" round paper mache box, and all finishing instructions.      2016  
Small Token Reward of Merit x   2009  
Snow Garden AOTH #1 (reprinted) x   2010  
Something Sweet   x   2005  
Song of Spring Sampler Ladies Prim Society   x 2013 No
Songbird Whistles Primitives of the Midwest Class Project     2017  
Souvenirs of Summer Book of 6 Designs includes Patriotic Bouquet, Summer Song   x as of 2016 2004  
Souvenir de France pdf format. Free Chart     2009  
Splendid September Stocking Series - September x   2009  
Special Delivery A Girl's Birth Sampler x   2003  
Spell of the Moon Reward of Merit x   2014  
Spring Blessings   x      
Spring Fling LF #13   x 2005 Yes
Spring Greetings Reward of Merit x   2008  
Spring Tulips Reward of Merit x   2011  
Spring's Notice Free Graph  Color Conversion for Fall Colors     2003  
Spring's Promise LF #1   x 2003  
Star Sampler Schoolgirl Sampler Series #3 x      
Stars and Stripes Schoolgirl Sampler Series x   2003  
Strawberry Fields Forever Magical Mystery Tour Reprinted - April 2016   2014  
Strawberry Garden LF #18   x 2006 Yes
Stitch by Stitch Tender Heart Series #3 Pre-Order   2016  
Summer LF - 1 of 3 also includes the bonus chart Woodland Berries   x 2011 Yes
Summer Basket LF #38   x not available July 2016 2009 Yes
Summer Jubilee  Just CrossStitch July/Aug 2003 issue. Also appears in the book Souvenirs of Summer.   x 2003  
Summer Garden Ladies Prim Society   x 2016  
Summer House LF #14   x 2005 Yes
Summer Iris Reward of Merit x   2009  
Summer Offering     x 2002 Yes
Summer's Harvest LF Abecedarien #11 x   2012  
Summer's Last Rose LF - 3 of 4 x   2012  
Summer Shall Not Fade Pincushion Kit from Spring Fling Retreat at Dyeing to Stitch 2016     2016 No
Sunflower Charms LF #15   x 2005 Yes
Sunflower House LF #9   x 2004 Yes
Sunlight that Sings. Retreat Project  Tomorrow’s Heirlooms, Glen Ellyn, IL   x 2017 No
Swan Lake AOTH #7 x      
Sweet Alabama Free chart that goes with Pink Flower from The Workbasket alternate link for Pink Flower freebie at WayBack Machine   2010  
Sweet August Stocking Series - August x   2009  
Sweet Home Garden Series #4 x   2016  
Sweet Heart Pocket Tender Heart Series #4     2016  
Sweet Heart Sampler LF #12   x 2005 Yes
Sweet Heart Sampler Not the same as above   x   Yes
Sweet Land of Liberty contains Liberty Rose, Salute to Abigail,  In Full Glory, American Eagle, and Sweet Land of Liberty New   2016  
Sweet Thoughts of You   x   2012  
Thank You Sarah Tobias Book . X 2008 Yes
Thankful November Stocking Series - November x   2009  
The Lily of the Valley Class Project for Spring Fling Retreat at Stitchville USA     2018 No
The Light Upon the Lawn Loose Feathers For the Birds series - #2     2017  
The Rarest Flower Garden Series #8 x   2016  
The Winter is Past Nashville 2017 x   2017  
Tending the Garden Sampler from the quilt book Tending the Garden        
The Clustered Stars Ladies Prim Society Spring 2017   x 2017 No
The Country Life LF Abecedarian #7 x   2013  
The Fruitful Vine LF Abecedarian #6 x   2013  
The Garden Fair Comes as ChartPak with Floss x   2014  
The Gardner Garden Series #9 x   2016  
The Gift is Small LF - 4 of 4 x   2012  
The Long and Winding Road Magical Mystery Tour x   2014  
The Old Mill 25th Anniversary of Old Mill   x 2012  
The Simple Things LF #36   x 2009 Yes
Their Song LF #24   x 2007 Yes
Thistle Manor Free Chart     2002  
Tis Halloween Stocking Series  - 13 Stockings & Projects x   2009  
Tis the Season Sewing Bag Ladies Prim Society - WInter 2016     2016 No
Tokens of Friendship Book of 8 Designs including Remember Me and Forget Me Not x   2004  
Topiary in Bloom   x   2014  
Trifle from a Friend   x   2003  
Trix or Treat Booklet     x 2005 Yes
Truly Thine LF #6   x 2004 Yes
Tulip and Lily Garden Series #6     2016  
Tulip House & Tulip House Stitching Companion retreat project by BBD for Stitchville in 2010  - reprinted in A Stitcher's Journey   x 2010  
Tulip Manor LF #7   x 2004 Yes
Two Hearts LF #34   x 2008 Yes
Union Forever   x      
United We Stand Sampler from the quilt book Celebration of American Life     2002  
Valentine Rose AOTH #2 x      
Vintage Bloom     X 2005 Yes
Vintage Inspiration   x      
Violet's Blue   x   no date  
Waiting for the Harvest Reward of Merit Pincushion x      
When This You See Remember Me #1   x 2006 Yes
When This You See UNICEF Fundraiser Available until Dec 29   2017 No
Where My Heart Blooms LF #29   x 2008 Yes
Wild Berries LF Abecedarian #1 x   2013  
Wild Bird Needlebook and Summer House Pinkeep From a BBD Retreat held at the Silver Needle Reprinted in A Stitcher's Journey book as Birds and Berries.   x 2010  
Wild Garden Limited Edition Kit     x 2012 Yes
Wild Lilies Reward of Merit x   2011  
Wild Rose Journal Cover Reward of Merit x   2009  
Willow House     x 2003 Yes
Winter LF - 3 of 3   x 2011 Yes
Winter Song small stocking - Just CrossStitch - 2008 page 31     2008  
 Winter Wonderland LF #39   x 2010 Yes
With My Needle LF #2   x 2003 Yes
With Needle & Thread contains among others my Quaker House, My Pink House, When Heaven and Nature Sing   x 2007 Yes
Without A Mouse Reward of Merit x   2014  
Yellow Submarine Magical Mystery Tour #5 x   2015  

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