Chart Corrections and Additions

Bringing Good Cheer - If you look at the actual picture of the chrt on the front cover and than at the actual chart, you will see the letter X needs to be move five stitches to the left so that the sampler is lined up. Thank you Angela McKeekin for the good catch.

All the Hills Echoed - flowers on left side border - 3rd flower down uses an open diamond symbol for part of the flower. It should be the filled heart symbol (Deep Sea)

  - Top left border should be an x - vine should extend to the leaf

Corrections for All the Hills Echoed.

Sweet Land of Liberty - page 4 Liberty Rose Left Design Size should be 82w x 96h.

Sweet Home Garden Series #4 - "o" symbol that is not listed on the thread list should be Gentle Arts Toasted Barley.

Rosy Morning - Stitch the bird body, positioned on the right side of the house, with GA Toasted Barley.

Wild Berry - Corrected chart for Strawberry #3 in Wild Berry which is on page 15 of the book Joyeux Noel.

Never Far Apart - Limited edition stocking - Make note of a mistake in the symbols for Never Far Apart. The symbols for Raspberry Parfait and Apple Cider were transposed. You can tell from the picture above the roof and baskets are done with the Apple Cider....not Raspberry Parfait.

Mother's Honor Due This supplemental alphabet is provided here to assist you in personalizing the pattern Mother's Honor Due.

Happy Birthday - This supplemental alphabet is provided here to assist you in personalizing the pattern Happy Birthday.  The letters W, M and Z are wider and will not fit in the space allowed over four threads.  If this problem relates to your names, stitch the letters over two threads to allow space for the extra width.

 A Fine Collection:  October's Harvest on page 30 The thread is not silk as written in the text. The brand is Wildflowers by Caron. The thread is tightly twisted. You stitch with the thread as it comes in the skein. Marigold is the correct color.  If you do use the silk floss Waterlillies by Caron you would need to use 2 strands of silk floss. Marigold would be the correct color of silk floss also.

Spring Blessings - Colors for Eyelet stitch : Bird's eye- black Inside of flower- gold leaf Flowers under the word "blessing"- cherry bark Heart- cherry bark

Loose Feathers Summer - Below is the chart showing how all the flowers in the border on the left should be stitched. If you have already finished yours not to just have to add just a couple more stitches to make the flower a bit bigger.  Click the thumbnail for a larger image.

Loose Feathers Summer chart correction.

Blackbird Designs Mystery Sampler Bonus Charts - A leaf that belongs on Bonus Chart #2 was mistakenly included in #3. This will only have to be changed if you are stitching each chart on a separate piece of fabric. On the bottom right border of Chart #3, you need to add some stitches. Will scan the charts to show the changes. On Chart #1, the Smyrna crosses should be stitched with Moss.

Pink Hill Manor AOTH- there are three mistakes in Pattern #4 at the top right corner. One "C" symbol is missing, there is an extra "C" symbol, and there is a "C" where there should be a "V". 

AOTH #4 mistake.

In Friendship's Way

1861 Antique Sampler

Stitch Count 129w x 126h
Design size on 32/16ct - 8 1/8 x 7 7/8
Fabric Size - 32/16ct - 16 1/2 x 16 1/2 (adds 4" to each side)

Design size on 28/14ct - 9 1/4 x 9
Fabric size 28/14ct - 17 1/2 x 17 1/2 (adds 4" to each side)

Button Box -

Chart Corrections -
CC Black Coffee - solid square ■
CC Brown Hen - a dash (-)
CC Caramel - /
CC Old Marigold - x
CC Old Money - open circle o
GA Old Brick - small solid circle ●
GA Tin Bucket - solid diamond ♦

Stitch Count  140w x 86H
Design Size on 32/16 ct - 8 3/4 x 5 3/8
Fabric Size - 32ct - 17 x 14 (adds 4" to each side)

Design Size on 28/14ct - 10 x 6 1/8
Fabric sice - 28ct - 18 1/2 x 14 1/2 (adds 4" to each side)