Blackbird Designs Charts Available for Loan

Each of the Chart Loan lists contains a LIMITED number of names. When a particular list is open for new names, it will be posted on the Fans of Blackbird Designs Facebook page. If you are interested in a particular chart that is NOT on the list, you should post your request to the Facebook page for the group to see if anyone has it available for loan. Please do not request a chart for loan that is still available to purchase. Loans are for Out of Print (OOP) Charts Only.

Please make sure you have read the Chart Loan rules BEFORE you request to be added to a list.

The majority of charts on this list belong to me. If the chart is owned by another stitcher, I have included his/her name. Some owners will request the chart be mailed back to them rather than on to the next stitcher.

Future Offerings

  • Spring's Promise
  • A Schoolgirl's Work