What you need to know about joining the BBD Lending Library - the process

Membership in this group is limited as to the number of members. When you apply to join the BBD Lending Library, I first search to see if you are a member of the Fans group and how long you have been a member. Then I search to see what interaction you have had with the group. If there is little or no interaction, you will not be approved. I also check to see if you have consistently posted your progress on BBD projects you have stitched in the past. Posting a flurry of pictures in one fell swoop in not the same as consistent posting.

If you are a new member of the Fans of BBD group (less than a year) you are not going to be approved unless you have been consistently active from the start. I try and send you an email to let you know why you are not being approved. If you are a brand new member of Facebook, you are not going to be approved.

Please remember that many of these charts do NOT belong to me and other members have graciously offered to share their OOP charts with other stitchers. Most of these charts sell for big bucks on eBay and the stash selling sites and many of us cannot afford to pay those prices. BUT when even one of the charts in the loan rotation disappears it hurts every one of us. The chart is no longer available to other stitchers and the owner is going to think twice about loaning anything else out.

You are expected to share you stitching progress on a loaner chart. It's the only means of communication and it allows other stitchers to be encouraged by your progress AND we like to see what changes you might make to a particular design. Sometime that alone encourages another stitcher to try something they might not have been interested in before.

If you wish to borrow OOP charts you should be willing to share any that you might have with other stitchers. If you choose instead to sell them on EBay or one of the Stash sites for big bucks and then want to borrow OOP charts from others, you are more than likely going to be removed from the group. It just is not fair to sell your charts for big bucks and expect others to share their charts with you.