Log Cabin Sampler

This piece was worked on Fiddler's Lite Aida 14 count. It was single matted and framed with an frame from Graphic Dimensions I use all the time. It looks like old barnwood. The Log Cabin Sampler was a gift to my sister and her husband who at the time were living in a log house.

The leaflet is called Primitive County Series Vol III - Homestead's Log Cabin Sampler by R. W. Brownlee. I have not been able to locate it so not sure if it is still available.

The verse reads -
The logs were hewn
An' shingles split
The floors were pegged
An' tightly fit.

The bricks were baked
An' stacked in place
The fires were made
To heat the space.

Times were hard
But blessed with goods
For those who built
The cabin in the woods.

Log Cabin Sampler Counted Cross Stitch.

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