Blackbird Designs Chart Loan

Chart Loan Rules for PrintingChart Loan Rules in Word format.

The rules are fairly simple for this and only apply to the charts in the Lending Library. Others are welcome to use the same list if they want.

  • Only Original Out of Print Charts are available to borrow.
  • You must be an active member of the Facebook Group Fans of Blackbird Designs to borrow charts. An active member is defined as someone who participates in the group on a regular basis and posts pictures of their BBD projects.
  • If you are next on the list to stitch, you should be ready to go when you receive the chart. Please do not let it sit on your pile of Works in Progress as other stitchers are waiting. There is a time limit as to how long you can keep any of the charts.  If it is a project you do not think you can complete in a reasonable amount of time (six to eight weeks is average) then you should think twice about asking to borrow the chart. Books that include multiple charts also have the same time limit.
  • There is a list of supplies needed for any of the charts on loan. And if you find that life gets in the way and you cannot get the design done within a reasonable amount of time, please let me know. You can always request it again at a later date.
  • Once you receive the chart, please make a working copy to stitch from. Once you finish stitching, the working copy should be destroyed. The original chart should be  sent to the next person on the list in the same condition it was received.


  • Postage and mailing costs can add up for those of us who are willing to share multiple charts.  You MUST reimburse the original chart owner for mailing costs if you are the first one to receive the chart. You are also responsible for the costs of mailing the chart to the next stitcher.
  • All charts MUST be mailed with tracking. Priority Mail is not required as it is quite expensive. Cheapest rate is First Class Parcel. Use a bubble wrap mailer with a little extra stuffing and it goes with free tracking.

Waiting List

  • If you are stitching a loaner chart, once you finish or are close to being finished (one or two days) you can request another chart. If available it will be mailed to you. If not, you will be placed on a wait list for that chart. You cannot be on more than one waitlist.
  • If you are NOT currently stitching a loaner chart, you may choose any of the charts that are available and it will be mailed to you. If it is not available, you can  request to be placed on a waiting list for that chart. If there are five charts, there can be five on the waiting list. If there is one chart, only one name with be waitlisted.
  • Those who have donated charts to the Lending Library will be given FIRST PRIORITY on the wait list. You cannot request to be on more than one list at a time.


  • The Lending Library functions because others have chosen to share their out of print/retired Blackbird Designs charts. If you have OOP charts, you are encouraged to share them with others in this group. Even if it is only one chart, it helps. All charts must be OOP/Retired.
  • Blackbird Design Club charts  (Ladies Prim Society and the Silver Needle Club) will not be accepted for loan per an agreement with the ladies who run these clubs.
  • Limited edition OOP charts and Retreat OOP charts are accepted.
  • Monetary contributions are also accepted.


  • Communication is important with this group. Let me know once you receive the chart and when you mail it on to the next person or back to the owner.
  • Posting pictures of your progress is a requirement or at least some communication that you are progressing.

Any chart that is reprinted like the recent ones included in the Home for the Holidays book will be withdrawn from the loan rotation. You can certainly finish the project you are stitching but the chart should then be returned to the original owner.

The chart loan worksheet which shows who has what chart and what might be available can be reached through the Lending Library Facebook group. It is in the form of a Google sheet. If you do not see a specific OOP chart, ask about it. One of us probably has it and would be willing to loan it out.

Updated: March 28, 2016

Thanks to you guys and gals who are willing to share your love of BBD with others. I would encourage any of you who own OOP BBD charts to think about loaning one or two of them to other stitchers. You can use these rules or specify your own. The only thing I would advise is to keep the list short.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Charts Available for Loan

There are other stitchers out there who also loan their charts out but I do not have the information on them.

Happy Stitching!

Pat Geary.